Made for tortle jam, the best jam about tortles.

Two local players only. However, if you really want to play online, then I recommend using Parsec for it, tested it and works quite well.

Push your opponent off the platform to show who's the boss in the aquarium!

The more you collide with your enemy, the stronger your maximum dash power is.

When the time is up you'll enter Sudden Death phase, where most likely someone will finally fall off, because then arena gets smaller every second.


Player One:

  • Hold SPACE to charge dash and release to slide forward
  • Hold A, D to rotate
  • Hold W, S to move forward or backward

Player Two:

  • Hold Right Shift to charge dash and release to slide forward
  • Hold Left Arrow, Right Arrow to rotate
  • Hold Up Arrow, Down Arrow to move forward or backward

Also, responsible for music is my anonymous friend. Trust me, it's better than anything I'd make... but still, totally understandable (and recommended) if you turn the sound off.

PS: I'm planning to add Player vs AI mode in the future. And some other stuff. Maybe.


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